Nakio’s Underdog Rescue

Our Mission: To rescue dogs and cats with disabilities, to find loving homes for them, and to provide resources and education to help adopters better understand and provide for their pets’ disabilities.


Our Story:


My name is Christie and I’m the founder/president of Nakio’s Underdog Rescue, Inc. Naki’o is a special needs dog. As a very young puppy he was left in an abandoned home in the harsh Nebraska winter. Not only was he malnourished and had mange but he was frozen into a puddle. He had severe frost bite that took all his toes, part of his tail and nose. At 8 weeks of age, I stumbled upon Naki’o’s story and instantly fell in love with him! I adopted him and was ready to take on the ups and downs of having a special needs pet. As Naki’o got older and heavier his nubs had a harder time supporting him and he begun limping on one of this legs. I knew he needed help if he were to lead a quality lifestyle. We went down the route of prosthesis for all 4 of his legs. It made a dramatic difference in his lifestyle. Now he could run and chase the ball with the best of them! I’m happy to say that Naki’o not only brightened my life but inspired me to help other animals with disabilities just like him. This is why Nakio’s Underdog Rescue, Inc. has been created, to help these wonderful and beautiful creatures!